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Early life[ edit ] Tennille was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabamaand has three younger sisters. For five years her mother, Cathryn, hosted a daily television show in Montgomery.

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InTennille's family moved from Montgomery to Balboa, Californiaafter her father's furniture store failed, where she worked first as a file toni tennille and then as a statistical analyst for North American Rockwell Corporation. Ron Thronsen, one of the directors of the repertory, asked Tennille in to write the music for a new rock musical he was working on called Petefészekrák talkumból Earth.

The musical toni tennille a success toni tennille, went on the road to San Francisco and Los Angeles inand eventually made it to Toni tennille for a few dates at the Belasco Theatre in October Although Tennille was no longer associated with the musical by the time it reached Broadway, she was credited as the composer under her married name, Shearer.

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In AprilTennille released her memoirToni Tennille: A Memoir, and went on a book tour to promote it later that summer. The toni tennille was civil and they remained on amicable terms. She then married Daryl Dragon on November 11, Tennille stated their accountant told them they would do "a lot better with taxes" if they were married.

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They divorced in July InTennille moved to Florida at the suggestion of her sister Jane. Dragon had been controlling and emotionally distant; throughout their relationship they slept in separate bedrooms.

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I was proud of you.

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